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Acne Studios' social media campaign depicting the personalities of their consumers based on their spirit animals. 

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This project aims to create advertising content for the Brand Acne Studios; I chose to do a spirit animal themed campaign. This goes with acne studios' unique sense of style and appreciation of expressing spirituality while maintaining the essence of elegance and design.


A poodle/ People this totem, find great joy in their uniqueness. They love to dress eccentrically and will often go beyond what is the fashion to be themselves. These folks have a great deal of self-confidence in who they are and are extremely intelligent and creative.


A goat/ people with Goat totem are always persistent in achieving whatever goal they wish to pursue. They are fearless when it comes to difficult obstacles in their path to success. they often have a lofty spiritual ambition and enjoy exploring new heights within themselves.


A clownfish/ people with clownfish totem have spiritual guidance to build wisdom, knowledge, and teachings to help overcome the world's challenges. A Clown Fish/Anemone Fish' wisdom includes the use of beauty as camouflage and the ability to hide within dangerous situations.

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