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A Leica camera travels down memory lane, recalling the many adventures  it has Captured.

Untitled_Artwork 57 copy.png


The aim of this project is to create a piece that honors Leica's heritage and masters of photography who used their Leica to capture unforgettable moments throughout history. The plot of this piece revolves around a young girl and her Leica camera; we hear the story from the camera's perspective, in which it reveals and depicts key moments from its adventure with the girl; the images of the girl are recreations of iconic photos as if they were all encountered by her.

While writing this piece, I impersonated the camera, weird? This made it easier for me to capture the main character's personality while also retaining Leica and the girl's deep bond. 

I decided to go with a minimal color palette consisting of the Leica cameras' colors ( Silver, black, white, red ), keeping the main character's skin tone to give a feeling of intimacy and relatability. The illustrations' style is minimal, with heavy use of negative space. 

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